Transformation Addiction

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

I love change. I always have. It excites me, motivates me and helps keep me young (subjective perhaps....!?). Construction is the perfect industry for change – even on a bad day you get to witness some form of progress, even if just a good clean up! Joking aside, I actually feel extremely fortunate to have a job that gives back, to me – I get to feel accomplished and a sense of progress – it’s a gift.

My latest Herbert Homes renovation in East York has been on of my proudest yet, so I’m excited to share some of the 'before and afters' here. This house was affectionately labelled the “pee house” because, in case you can't guess, it came with a dreadful odor of urine - everywhere. It was definitely one of the most unpleasant demos even required stripping back the entire subfloor on the 2nd level because of the smell. BUT….the great thing about what we do is transformation – no matter where we start, we always focus on the end goal which is to create a great family home that will last. And now…the house smells fresh and new and has a new lease on life.

So after gutting the space, re-framing, adding all new plumbing, HVAC, electrical, layout, insulation, drywall, paint, custom kitchen, new windows and doors, landscaping (which includes a cool hexagon stone driveway) and many more little touches, we are done!

I’m proud of all of my renovations, but I also try to improve with each one and this one certainly felt like a step up. In terms of design I’ve been inspired by what I’ve seen on Handmade Hotels (the show I host for MakefulTV about short term rentals) and how the extra little touches make a big difference. In this reno I tried to do the same – add little yet meaningful touches to elevate the space and make it feel special. Wallpaper is one of the ways we did this – adding feature walls to the laundry room, master bedroom and powder room. I also chose black hardware for a strong contrast and added a gold theme to the main floor emphasised by the kitchen hardware and lighting.

These are just a few snaps of the change – showing the living room after demo, gutted back to the brick and then how it looks now with its open plan layout, beautiful oak stairs and glass handrail. Beneath that, you can see the kitchen we inherited (which looks better than it really was) and the kitchen now. You can also see the front living room with it’s new, bigger window and then the back addition which has in effect been rebuilt!

You can get a better sense of the transformation with a 3D tour here:


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