Our first family Air B n B

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

What a great Summer weekend!  Our first really successful family AirBnB and it was at Glen Oro Farms.

I first discovered the farm during the filming of Handmade Hotels (short plug - a documentary TV series on Makeful TV about short term rentals) and there was something magical about it, something that reminded me of home and childhood Summers.  I didn't grow up on a farm, but I do have many fond memories of helping at the local pig farm, horse farm and even a fruit farm in Switzerland (my folks were into "volunteering" and we tagged along), as well as less fond memories of having to do "farmers club" (tee hee) but regardless, as we toured Glen Oro Farms it dawned on me that my children, who were 4 and 7 at the time really hadn't had any kind of authentic rural experiences.  I instantly knew I was going to return with my family and Glen Oro was the perfect backdrop to give them an insight into country life. 

The farm dates back to 1841 and has been in the Saila family since the mid 1960s. As a busy Equestrian Event Centre, nestled at the edge of Oro Mountain in Hawkestone, Ontario it is the perfect backdrop for an authentic farm experience.

The farm has 2 accommodation options, the “tack house” which is a 1 bedroom loft style rental (with a pool right next door!) for those wanting to retain a little more creature comfort with a fully functional shower and running water, and the second is a 1 bed “cabin” for those looking for an off-grid experience (no running water here and power only when needed). 

Both spaces are beautifully furnished, they are the perfect mix of rustic old-world charm combined with a more modern 'hipster' vibe.  Both properties are thoughtfully decorated with reclaimed, repurposed and hand-built furniture along with interesting historical/farm décor. No expense is spared when it comes to the bed – I slept like a log – and who doesn’t love a great mattress! The tack house has just about everything you need for basic cooking while the cabin is a true settlers experience with nothing but the fire you build!

Beyond the accommodations there’s a large farm to explore, a vegetable garden, and chickens and dogs roaming free.  My boys loved it.  Nervous at first, but quickly won over by farm life they each adopted a dog (not in the literal sense!) and made themselves at home wondering the fields in and amongst the animals. The pool was a nice surprise too and made the farm a real destination for us for the weekend.

Seeing the kids just enjoying the outside, chasing chickens, following the dogs, looking at the horses was such a wonderful experience. And for the adults, we enjoyed a fabulous horse trek through Oro Mountain guided by our wonderful host Luke whose passion for horses, farm life and guest experience made this a really special stay for us.   

We will be back!


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