"No kids" getaway!

I’ve written before about the importance of family getaways. It’s a time to reconnect and take a break from the routine, but I also think ADULT TIME AWAY for you (and your loved one) is equally important.

I’m deeply aware of how many couples often throw themselves into (and sometimes lose themselves in) family life. It’s not a criticism or judgment, just an observation that I think most of us can relate to. BUT I do also believe we need to make room for a little me/us time and I believe that staying connected as a couple can ultimately help enable a deeper family connection and a greater chance of maintaining the all important bond between you and your partner.

Recently I was fortunate enough to take a short term break with my husband and some great friends. NO KIDS. And thanks to a generously donated apartment from a family friend we headed off to the beautiful island of Turks and Caicos. The place is magical. Our apartment overlooked Grace Bay which has the most spectacular golden sands and crystal clear water I’ve ever seen. Islanders are welcoming and friendly. We had incredible shops, bars and restaurants right on our doorstep. Our days were mostly occupied with tough decisions like which way to walk on the beach, which beverage to start with and when, and how often to re-apply sunscreen. A complete departure from the regular hustle and bustle of family life needless to say.

And so in that space, that freedom, we had time to read, nap, talk and plan, and of course this also allows for reconnection. You’re reminded (beyond the family bond) why you like each other, why you chose each other, what kind of life you’re going to make together and of all the small things that often go overlooked during the daily grind of work, school, dinnertime, bedtime, bath time etc. This time reinforces why you fell in love and gives you a renewed connection, and also forges new memories that are solely about the two of you. I have a secret pact with myself to make sure I do this once a year - I think it keeps my relationship fresh and healthy and that’s the kind of relationship I want my kids to witness.

Admittedly, this trip was more on the luxury end of the scale, but it doesn’t have to be that way, nor do you have to travel far to get away from the routine and re-connect. It just means assigning time for you and taking yourself away from the rituals of daily life. So I challenge you....book something, find a time and DO IT!

Fortunately, the abundance and popularity of short term rentals make the decision making process far easier than ever before. 1 night. 3 nights. Local. Out of town. Out of country. Rustic. Luxury. Unique…the choices are endless. Book yourself some guilt free YOU time....I dare you.

If you're heading to Turks and Caicos anytime I can't recommend this apartment enough. Thank to you our friend Patty for introducing us to this fabulous destination. Click here for details on where we stayed.


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