It takes a village...

Success is a funny thing isn’t it. How do we measure it? How do we feel it? How do others perceive it? I’ve come to think of it as a moving target but I’m also teaching myself to stop and take stock once in a while.

I’m a fast mover, I’m addicted to change, so stopping to acknowledge my journey, my successes, and those who have been a part of it is a something I continue to work at. But I think it’s important - how can you appreciate what’s coming if you don’t know where you’ve come from!

So as I take a moment to reflect, I’m feeling immensely grateful to all the people around me who play, or have played a part in my “success”. It’s actually incredible (and humbling) to think about how many people who have inspired, influenced, mentored, annoyed (yes it’s true, those people are important too!) and encouraged me - without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. "It takes a village" is an apt metaphor when raising a family, and I believe building a business is the same.

So what does my "village" look like? How do you build your own "village"? Here are the 4 pillars that I believe everyone seek out........

1. My professional colleagues - realtors, the Herbert Homes team and trades people who have been patient with me, taught me, listened to my harebrained ideas and without whom, I couldn’t run my day to day work.

2. My closest friends who listen to me vent, help me brainstorm, celebrate my successes, laugh with me and prop me up when I need it.

3. My family who are my greatest supporters but harshest critics, and who can always bring me down to earth and lift me up all in one go. And of course my kids who help me keep perspective.

4. Inspirers who come in so many shapes and forms. People I admire, ground breakers, risk takers and educators. Even my first boss in Canada falls into this category with his wise words and awesome leadership methodology that's still what I aspire to today.

My village is made up of a vast array of people and I’m grateful for each and everyone one of them. You know who you are.

And remember it’s a 2-way thing. My village is there for me and I’m there for them. Go find your village......


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