How it all started

People always ask me “how did you get into flipping?”. The quickest answer is I had a baby, wanted more work flexibility and had a desire to do something I was passionate about. So I quit my corporate job, bought a house and just did it. Of course there’s so much more to it than that, but that's really the essence of my journey.

I recently read a saying “it’s easier to steer a moving ship than one sitting in the docks” and this kinda' summarizes my start - I didn’t know what I was doing, but I made the leap and I made it work.

Over the years I’ve continually “steered the ship” by refining my skills, improving the team, updating our style and approach (and that won’t ever end), but throughout the journey I was steadfast about what I wanted to achieve so ignored the doubts in my head and made it happen.

That first day on site is so clear in my mind. I was petrified. I had just a few basic tools and stood in the house all alone wondering where to start. I hammered a few walls...I had begun! I was lucky to have been connected to a couple of really great trades people who really got me going, they in turn recommended people they had worked with and piece by piece the team was formed. Everything was new, scary and exciting but slowly, we were rebuilding a house. I was a sponge, learning new things everyday. It was exhausting and energizing all at the same time.

6 months later, the house was completed and we were ready to list.

I was driven by fear on that first project but what I lacked in experience I made up for with determination. I researched, I googled, I asked questions, I grew my network and I did it. Oh and I cried a lot. Lol.


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