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Post Media article featuring Katie and Handmade Hotels goes National!

February 2020

Tv, Eh? All New Season of Handmade Hotels

February 2020

Katie talks "wallpaper" in the next issue of  Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine

December 2019

Katie appears at Seasons Christmas Show to talk "Holiday Rentals"

Nov 22-24 2019

Handmade Hotels Season 2 Announcement

June 2019

TV-eh! Reviews Handmade Hotels/Coolest Places To Stay

June 2, 2019

Katie provides Cottage Life with her "5 expert tips for decorating your short term rental"

June 2019

Handmade Hotels/Coolest Places to Stay on Makeful; hosted by Katie Herbert

Premiered May 2019

Blue Ant Media announces Makeful’s New Series Handmade Hotels 

May 1, 2019


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