Katie bought her first house at the ripe age of 20 in the U.K.  She spruced it up, sold it one year later and was hooked.  She renovated additional homes whilst balancing a full time corporate job with the BBC, and in 2005 moved to Canada with her husband.   Katie continued her corporate career, but after having her son in 2012, she took a huge leap of faith to focus on what she loved most – home renovation.

Katie lives and breathes property development – entirely self-taught she has now completed 16 full renovations, several rental units and countless design projects.

She prides herself on creating beautiful homes which are grounded in an ethos of integrity - building quality homes that are functional, well built and beautiful. She is hands-on from beginning to end with all of her projects. A true jack-of-all-trades!

As the Host of lifestyle series Handmade Hotels, Katie explores the world of short term rentals.  Being real estate obsessed and inherently nosy, the show is the perfect opportunity her to tour this fascinating world full of interesting and unique spaces. 

Season 2 is airing NOW on Makeful!


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